• How do I go about booking Velvet Crush & Company's lovely rentals?

Simply hop over to the Inquiries Link, complete the form and select the Submit button. Velvet Crush will contact you within 48 hrs of submitting your inquiry to discuss the details of your event and go over your items selected. 

From here VC&C will work with you and your people to nail down your desired look until you are overflowing with joy and excitement in the direction your event is headed.

VC&C will then send you our rental contract, you sign & date and send that baby back along with the initial reservation deposit... and Viola!                                               You’ve just booked yourself a styled event that is sure to grab people's attention and have them crushing and gushing over the amazing job you did coordinating such a beautiful event!!! It's really that simple!!  

  • Do you provide a delivery service?

Why, yes! Yes we do provide a delivery service for all orders within Duval County limits for a flat rate of $200.00. However, additional rates may apply depending on the size of the order, special time requirements and location logistics. Anything outside of these county limits can still be delivered with additional cost for gas mileage.

  • Does the delivery service provide styling too?

Yes and No. The delivery service provides basic placement of the rental items with a final seal of approval by whoever is in charge the day of the event. However, Full Styling Services can be provided as well for VC&C owned rental items only .                                

  • What if I don’t need it delivered, can I still rent it?

Of course you can, we wouldn't want you to miss out. We allow scheduled pickup and drop off times. However, this would depend on the size of your rental order, insurance is a must and your vehicle would  need to be approved by VC&C.

  • I’m bummed cause I have an idea for this look I wanted, but I don’t see anything that would make it work in your collection.

No worries here either because we love any reason to shop! If there is a particular look or piece you are crushing on we can either custom build it or go on the hunt looking for that perfect something until we find it.

  • Your photos are beautiful but I'm a touchy feely kinda person. Is there anyway I can come to the studio and see your collection?

We totally get it,, cause we’re the same. Yes of course, you can most certainly come and check out our beloved collection, hangout a while, take a nap even.                                 We do ask that you make an appointment so we can be sure to fluff the pillows before your arrival.

  • Do you offer full event planning?

Unfortunately not at this time, but we love working with our vendors and could hook you up with a few suggestions from our greatest hits list. They would love to work with you and we love working with them so it would be a definite Velvet Crush match for sure. Did we mention... we kinda love our industry vendors?!?!

  • Can I rent the pieces for a longer period of time for say... property staging.

Sure, I think we can work something out; rates would be adjusted according to rental duration and peak seasons but we could definitely accommodate. 

  • OMG, My friend spilt wine on your beautiful white velvet sofa, what do we do now?!?

{Gasp!!} First, we recover from the initial shock and understand that things happen, no one means to have party fouls but they happen to the best of us. Should this tragic accident occur, we do ask that you blot (not rub) as much of the liquid out of the fabric as you can and we will take it from there. We’ll do our best to clean the spot ourselves, call in the big guns if needed with a professional cleaning service, and as a very last resort we will source new fabric if the stain can not be lifted.

But like I said, we are understandable humans, and everything can be fixed.


So where were we???                                                                                                                             Aww yes, You were about to send over that wishlist of all the lovely Velvet Crush items you're crushing so hard on! So click the "Lets Talk Details" button, submit the form and we'll do just that, talk about all the lovely details!!   

Talk to you soon!!

The Crush Crew